POL PRE-ICO WHITEPAPER ver. 0.5.1 – 3.05.2018

Note: Please remember this is PRE-ICO BETA Whitepaper and final Whitepaper is under major development. Thank you for understanding.

POL – Introduction

POL – Currency of New Poland

Welcome in The POL WORLD!

POL is the First Polish Innovative Stabile Coin and Full Blockchain Ecosystem for New Free Poland.

First time in Poland history we creating Full Ecosystem for Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption for all Polish People living in Poland and around the World and for all interested people and organizations who like to use best blockchain solutions.

POL is not only cryptocurrency – it’s full Ecosystem of Future Innovations, complete solution for modern society who like to using world best blockchain innovations and technologies for everyday life.

POL was founded by Mano – our CEO and Founder.

We’re connecting all interested creative people and organizations to participate in creation POL Ecosystem.

Our main technical Partner is BITREVOLUTION LONDON – blockchain revolution-innovation company.

Other main technical Partner included WAVES PLATFORM – which we choose as frst engine for our cryptocurrency solutions. Thanks to WAVES NG Protocol and very high quality blockchain platform – POL is using world best available technologies and solutions from very beginning of the project.

POL working with other innovative and creative partners from all around the World – including NORTHERN INSTITUTE FOUNDATION – Polish THINK TANK which connecting many interesting projects and most creative people from Poland.

We are open for cooperation and talking with many diferent partners from Poland, European Union, USA, Japan and other countries.

POL main purpose is to bring World Best Technologies, Innovations and Solutions which will give more Freedom and more free choices for all people in Poland and all around the World. Let’s use world best technologies and connect all creative minds to create better future world today – for all of us. We believe that Freedom for all people around the world is most important mission we need to always working for.

Please join us in this great Journey with POL!


POL Roadmap ver.0.5 – 27.04.2018:

  • POL PRE-ICO – 7.02.2018 – 28.02.2018
  • POL PRE-ICO 2 – 16.03.2018 – 16.04.2018
  • POL PRE-ICO 3 – 27.04.2018 – 15.05.2018
  • POL ICO – 05/06.2018 – TBA
  • POL new website BETA – 03/04.2018 – its live!
  • POL Start of Mass Adoption Plan in Poland and for Polish people around the World – 04/05.2018 – ongoing!
  • POL for international partners and markets – 06.2018 – TBA
  • POL Decentralized Market + Smart Contracts BETA – 08/09.2018 – TBA
  • POL App BETA – 06/07.2018 – TBA
  • POL Wallet BETA – 07/08.2018 – TBA
  • POL Decentralized Voting BETA – 09/2018 TBA
  • POL Smart Contracts 0.5 – 10/2018 TBA
  • Full POL Ecosystem BETA – 4Q 2018 – TBA
  • Full POL Ecosystem 1.0 – 1Q 2019 – TBA
  • …Improvements and developments using World Best Blockchain and IT solutions – forever!

POL Roadmap Description

–POL PRE-ICO – 7.02.2018 – 28.02.2018

–POL PRE-ICO 2 – 16.03.2018 – 16.04.2018

–POL PRE-ICO 3 – 27.04.2018 – 15.05.2018

–POL ICO – 05/06.2018 – TBA

POL ICO will be main event for collecting funds and connecting investors and clients who are interested in POL Ecosystem.

–POL new website BETA – 03/04.2018 – TBA

POL new website with many advanced functionalities to show you all kind of information about POL and many different functions and options for all POL members.

–POL Start of Mass Adoption Plan in Poland and for Polish people around the World 04/05.2018 – TBA

How we will start with Mass Adoption?

Education is most important factor. All kind of people should understand true potential of POL, all kind of functionalities, security rules etc.

We will publish many kind of tutorials for newbies and advanced users.

Education is most important but what about start of Mass Adoption Plan?

We will start from presenting to all POL Members – POL MARKET.

This will be advanced application where users can create their own shops, and also can buy any kind of products and services from other users – paying POL for all kind of transactions.

This will be global advanced platform.

We will focus on creation of this platform in frst step after our ICO.

Beta Version should be ready around 04.2018.

–POL for international partners and markets – 06.2018 – TBA

First we focus on Polish people and companies, but POL is international global project connecting all kind of people all around the globe.

In 05.2018 we will focus on international partners who like to join our POL MARKET.

–POL Decentralized Market + Smart Contracts BETA – 08/09.2018 – TBA

Around 05/06.2018 we will like to announce and present frst BETA Version of POL Decentralied Market with Smart Contracts BETA Functionality. It will be much more advanced version of Platform, including new functionalities and updates.

–POL App BETA – 06/07.2018 – TBA

Around 06/07.2018 we will present BETA Version of our App for mobile devices. IOS and Android version of our BETA App. Application will include payments functionalities and market access for all kind of users.

–POL Wallet BETA – 07/08.2018 – TBA

Around 07/08.2018 we will present our BETA POL Wallet. This will be our original Wallet Application for secure store of POL and international fast and secure payments.

–Decentralized Voting BETA – 09/2018 TBA

Around 09.2018 we will present Decentralized Voting BETA functionality. Decentralized Voting will give all members of POL community many new possibilites to take part in our project and not only. We plan to introduce Democracy 1.0 project, this will include special dedicated platform for independent decentralized voting for all users.

–Smart Contracts 0.5 – 10/2018 TBA

–Full POL Ecosystem BETA – 4Q 2018 – TBA

–Full POL Ecosystem 1.0 – 1Q 2019 – TBA

Improvements and developments using World Best Blockchain and IT solutions – forever!


POL – Polish Token – Currency of New Free Poland

POL specification:




Description: POL TOKEN – POL – www.poltoken.pl – Official POL TOKEN – Polski Token – Waluta Nowej Wolnej Polski – Polish Token – Currency of New Free Poland

Short name: POL

Symbol: POL

Max Supply: 100.000.000,00000000 POL (one hundred million POL)(Limited Quantity, NON-Reissuable)

Technology: WAVES PLATFORM, WavesNG – World Fastest Blockchain Technology, Proof of Stake


Always use only official secure wallets!!!
Never share your Wallet seed backup (15 words) to anybody and keep it safe – its only way to restore account! Beware of scam websites and scam “offers”!!! Never click any kind of links on suspicious messages and websites!!!
Always check official POL.WORLD website for official updates and info!!!

Official POL Wallets:

Web Wallets:

Windows Beta Client:
Windows Client

Mac OS Beta Client:
Mac OS Client

Linux Beta Client:
Linux Client

Mobile App Wallets:

Android Google Play:

IOS App Store:


If you don’t have Cryptocurrency we recommend to register and buy at one of the best exchanges in Poland and Europe – BitBay.net:

And at one of the best Exchanges in the World – Binance.com:

Stay with us!
More info about POL will be announced very soon!


POL Mission

So what is POL? And why POL will change Poland?

I created POL for many different purposes.

POL is Freedom for all people.

Today Poland is modern developing country, in the middle of Europe, part of European Union.

Poland need new technologies and solutions, Polish people need more Freedom, more choice.

Poland is a country of Freedom.

For centuries we always fghting for our and other nations freedom. Its our Polish tradition and solidarity. We always stand together as one when we fghting for freedom.

Today, we need to make a change, World is changing and all people around the World are standing right before the great chance.

First time in human history, frst time we can create and use our real Freedom.

There are no freedom without free money. Bitcoin, blockchain developments and many new altcoins creating the change.

But we need some new apporach to usability of this amazing technology.

We need Mass Adoption, and I believe year 2018 will be crucial in this matter.

2018 is the year of POL, this is the year of Freedom, the year of mass adoption of blockchain technologies to all kind of people. Not only experts, speculators and investors are welcome. It’s time for everybody to use amazing benefts from blockchain!

POL mission is to give people more Freedom, give people more choice, give the real better alternative for money – frst free money they can use as they please – without any bad restrictions!

POL mission is to bring best world blockchain technologies together and create the new quality everybody need today!

Easy, secure, fast, intelligent and free – This is POL!

What are frst steps in POL developments and mass adoption plan?

We just started and now we need to gain as much power as we can.

We want to fnd as many great people and partners as we can. If you feel the same and you are ready to take action and responsibility for future World and generations – we waiting for you to join us! Join our POL team! We are open to cooperation!

First step for POL is PRE-ICO!

Right now our PRE-ICO is live and we ofer all of you opportunity to buy POL at low price. We know that our projects is at really beginning with development process and all. There are only few information about POL and we will change that! More and more info about the projects will be published to help you understand how amazing project we developing together with you.

I invite all of you to join our power and create together really special project.

World already heard about POL! I’m really happy to annouce that we already made some amazing developments and our vision and project is getting stronger each day, with each people who join our project!

Already – thousends of people join our project! Thousends of people support us on Facebook Page, Twitter, Telegram and Youtube Channel! This is great success – POL project was published on 12.01.2018!!!

You all are most important for us!

Thank you for all support you give us in this mission, in this amazing journey!

Let’s do something amazing together! Lets bring this world and all it’s inhibitiants more freedom! Freedom we always dream of – beacause now its possible and we must use this chance!

Thank you once again for all support you give to POL!

Especially I want to thank all our amazing investors! POL need funds to grow fast – because we all are ready, we have all power we need – now its our time! Thank you all for investing in POL project – you will be happy to enter now when price for POL is so low! You will see in next months it was one of the best decissions you made!

We assure you we will always try to make our best to give you as much as we can with POL!

Stay with us!




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