POL – Currency of New Poland

POL (POL TOKEN) is the First Polish Innovative Multiplatform Stabile Growth Coin and Full Blockchain Ecosystem for New Free Poland.

First time in Poland history we creating Full Ecosystem for Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption for all Polish People living in Poland and around the World and for all interested people and organizations who like to use best blockchain solutions.

POL is not only cryptocurrency – it’s full Ecosystem of Future Innovations, complete solution for modern society who like to using world best blockchain innovations and technologies for everyday life.

POL was founded by Mano and BITREVOLUTION Team.

We’re connecting all interested creative people and organizations to participate in creation POL Ecosystem.

Our main tech Partner is WAVES PLATFORM – which we choose as first engine for our cryptocurrency. Thanks to WAVES NG Protocol and very high quality blockchain platform – POL is using world best available technologies and solutions from very beginning of the project.

POL working with other innovative and creative partners from all around the World – including NORTHERN INSTITUTE FOUNDATION – Polish THINK TANK which connecting many interesting projects and most creative people from Poland.

Our new technology partner is BLACK TURTLE – TURTLE NETWORK – innovative blockchain platform, second platform for POL.

We are open for cooperation and talking with many different partners from Poland, European Union, USA, Japan and other countries.

POL main purpose is to bring World Best Technologies, Innovations and Solutions which will give more Freedom and more free choices for all people in Poland and all around the World. Let’s use world best technologies and connect all creative minds to create better future world today – for all of us. We believe that Freedom for all people around the world is most important mission we need to always working for.

Join us in this great Journey with POL!


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